22 February 2018

S’Konnection, the international student association of SKEMA Business School Lille!

S’Konnection is a student association created in 2007.

Our aim is to welcome international students on the Lille campus of SKEMA Business School. As part of this objective, we do our best to integrate new foreign students to the student life.

There is one thing international students and our team have in common: we both like traveling. For this reason, we organize regularly trips to other cities in Europe.

Each semester, we create a strong relationship with the freshly arrived international students and it is extremely important for us to make them discover French culture and the area around Lille.

International students can get our helped at anytime, from few days prior their arrival in Lille to their last day as a SKEMA student. We help them find an accomodation, answer their concerns regarding how life can be different in the north of France compared to their native country, or simply bring some light on how things are once they are in the city. Once they arrive, we start to get to know each other: we organize a gathering with the entire association and all the international students the very first day of their arrival, then we introduce them to the entire student promotion during and exciting afterwork. However, it does not stop here. International students can also enjoy free French courses given by members of the association. They can also get some help in case they have health issue or any other problem regarding their accomodation, their visa or anything that could negatively impact their experience in Lille. Then arrives the day to say goodbye, with new friendships made and unforgettable moments packed in their suitcases, hopefully forever. It is now time to prepare the arrival of the next international students.

All of this would not be possible without the right people in the association. S’Konnection is a gathering of open-minded people working together. They work together, enjoy spending time together, and respect each other and have a strong curiosity towards. Finally, we can say that S’Konnection is a family, and each and every member of this family is crucial to make the association work


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