Intercampus trips

S'Konnection - Interculture | Intercampus tripsHere comes the major innovation brought in 2018: the intercampus trips! This new project was born following an unprecedented close collaboration created between S’Konnection and Interculture, the international association of SKEMA Business School Nice-Sophia Antipolis. Both association aimed to gather the two campuses during one weekend, full of discovery and meetings.

“The idea behind this project was to increase the extent to which our two associations were collaborating together. We both were very excited about working hand-in-hand on one common project, and we hope that the intercampus trips will become bigger and bigger over the years!” – Damien Saby, president of the association S’Konnection – mandate 2018.

The first edition of the intercampus trips took place in Paris, and was also organized with the fasion association of SKEMA BS Lille, Métamorphose. Avenue Montaigne, the fashion association of SKEMA BS Nice-Sophia Antipolis took also part of the project. During this trip, French and international students from both campuses met in Paris to discover fashion and French luxury. International students  enjoyed having the opportunity to visit the most iconic places that made the reputation of Paris.

Thanks to this collaboration, S’Konnection and Interculture are now working on new possibilities for the future. Therefore, new common ideas are coming up, resources are shared, and a close communication between both teams have been installed. After all, a good collaboration is what makes every project successful.

The S’Konnection’s team is looking forward to working with Interculture again, and to bring our student promotions ever further with even more ambitious gatherings!