4 April 2018

Our Team

S’Konnection Team – SKEMA Lille 2020

The S’Konnection team is composed of 42 members allocated to five different hubs. All of them are crucial to the well functioning of the association. Hence, each member is part of one of the following hubs: integration, event, travel, partnership and communication. Every hub work together and are coordinated by the head of the association.

As an international student, you can join our team. You can simply apply when you arrive at SKEMA by doing a short interview. We are looking for people who want to dedicate time to the association, who have a strong ability to create relationship with others and, above all, people who want to spend an amazing time between friends!

Head of the association 2020

President : Nicolas Daigny – nicolas.daigny@skema.edu
Vice-president : Dhelia Hadhoum – dhelia.hadhoum@skema.edu
Treasurer : Audrey Zoumande – audrey.zoumande@skema.edu
Vice-Treasurer : Axel Paumond – axel.paumond@skema.edu
Secretary : Boye Diawara – boye.diawara@skema.edu

Our different hubs

Clara Vanderschaeve - integration hub

The integration hub is in direct relation with the international students. Members of the hub are available to provide help on issues encountered every day by students from other countries. Therefore, our team helps deal with appartment issues, it also helps with taking appointments to the doctor, needs for translations …). What is more, free French courses are proposed since September 2017, either for beginners or advanced speakers. Come and enjoy our courses that are focused on your daily needs as a SKEMA student!

Jeanne Simoneau - S'Konnection communication hub

The communication hub manages all our social networks daily (Facebook page, Instagram, LinkedIn, website…). Its members ensure the highest visibility for the association by creating posters and trailers. Also, it collects testimonials that are published and shared on our website. They allow every SKEMA student to obtain further information on the different places where they can go to (as part of an academic exchange, internship in another country or if they wish to go to a foreign campus of SKEMA).

Marie Reigner - S'Konnection trip hub

The travel hub organizes several journeys a year in order to help international students discover Europe. Members of the hub also propose one-day trips that allow every student to visit cities that are close to Lille; hence, trips to Bruges and/or Brussels are planned at least once a semester.

Célia Leduc - S'Konnection event hub

The event hub is responsible for the organization of Meltin Potes (parties that gather 1,000 students of Lille, organized with several schools of the city), Kfet dinner (orgnaized on a specific theme at the cafetaria of SKEMA with various activities related to the chosen theme), afterworks, Valentin’s day event. Members do their best to innovate and develop new projects. As a result, an Easter egg hunt has been organized in 2018.